Why Colocation Services are Required

What it is: Colocation is the practice of hosting servers, storage, firewalls and other internet related hardware from multiple customers in a single Data Center. While using co-location services at a data center are becoming more common every day, many businesses still choose to host their services in-house. Collocation offers you business continuity, scalability and performance a fraction of the cost that it would take to achieve anything close in your own micro Data Center. 

Reasons to use Colocation services:

·         The biggest advantage of colocation is the cost for bandwidth.

·         Colocation facilities have better outage protection.

·        Colocation facilities are built to specific specifications and standards to meet the needs of today’s high-tech hardware.

·         Datacenters are built with redundancy in mind. This means that most centers have N+ 1 redundancy built into the key infrastructure like power, cooling, bandwidth, and networking. At many standard office locations it may not even be possible to implement this type of redundancy, and when it is the costs can be extremely high.

  • Faster, more reliable and cheaper bandwidth
  • Real time monitoring 24/7 by engineers
  • Mitigation of DDoS attacks and other network issues
  • Better efficiency in cooling and power – better for the environment
  • Diverse power, backup UPS systems and diesel generators
  • More secure (CCTV, man traps security doors, access ID’s)
  • Advanced fire detection and control that doesn’t damage servers if it’s triggered
  • Operational (OPEX) cost rather than all up front (CAPEX)
  • No need to turn servers off an move them if your business moves

Why VPS Hosting is fruitful for you


With everyone being on an online spree, more and more people with hosting needs requires business websites and blogs for promoting their brands and products! So, becoming a good VPS hosting provider in Gujarat is a great idea. As an individual have you ever given a second thought about how to be a successful hosting provider for VPS hosting? Whether it’s younger generations seeking for social platform or the older ones using it in the corporate world, everyone has an internet accesses!

Virtual Private Server refers to a partitioned server, yet they are functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server. VPS hosting functions better than free hosting, while staying more reasonable on price side compared to Dedicated servers Provider in Ahmedabad, and yet offers benefits that other shared hosting cannot offer. Dedicated servers are immensely expensive and smaller companies cannot afford this particular solution.

VPS is the best choice and there is a strong reason behind it i.e. it targets a wider market, affordable than dedicated servers. Plus it is more secure and your customers’ interactions won’t interfere with one another and liberation over their machines. Security jeopardy are negligible and your customers will love the price chart along with more perks than shared hosting.

Affordable prices: It's really straightforward. With very affordable prices, consumers are able to get all the above features from datafirst.co.in

Choose The Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India

When workload tolls over the speed provided, one must understand the high-end need of having the best dedicated server hosting. Having a server primarily belonging to you and your company is not just a possession but also a tool of removing the undue ambiguity caused in your working areas. How to choose one of the best-dedicated server hosting is a process learned carefully, let us follow the suit for more:

Strong operations team: The best-dedicated server hosting is the one, which has a strong operations team to make the cumbersome tasks easy and speedy. Operations team cannot be directly viewed by the client though, but their work like efficient backup facility, speedy recovery from hardware problems speak for it and make the client to be aware about the efficiency and proficiency of the operations team.

Manage the storage space: A best-dedicated server hosting should cater to the client's needs of having a full fledge abundant primary and secondary storage along with more frequent updates.

Alerts and analysis: Server hosting should provide with regular hazard alerts for the client along with detailed analysis. This feature isn't a peculiar and unheard one, but still to be kept in mind in order to choose the best among the rest. In case of any troublesome issues, the client should get pre-trouble alerts and detailed reasoning and analysis for the same.

 Modifications according to the increasing traffic: A server hosting that suits the needs and demands of the ever-increasing traffic on the webpage/ website is the most urgent need for the client as when the basic workflow will be treated efficiently, client can relate the server hosting to be the best one.

 Management: Often it tends to be that various server hosting portray to be managed and well equipped but at the most urgent hour, management crisis are observed. In order to choose the best above rest, it must be observed that while looking for the best-dedicated server hosting, management team must be looked after.

Security check: Entire information stored with the server must be safe and confidential. In order to keep a track of this factor, server hosting should provided with regular software installations and security checks to safeguard the safety parameters of the client.

Worthy of adapting changes: A server hosting is said to be the best and dedicated one if each change demanded by the client is met successfully at the earliest point as possible. Any updates in the pattern, style and theme required by the client should be met with full dedication.

 By keeping the above points in mind, none can leave out the best dedicated server hosting to be acquired and at the same time be at the receiving end of getting fully optimized results for the website or a company one caters to. Protections, upgrade technology, Alerts, analysis are some of the major terms that determine the best-dedicated server hosting facility in order to facilitate best working and effective results.

Tips for Selecting the Best Web Hosting Service

Finding the best web hosting service may feel like choosing a brand new car. You want to use them for years and like cars, great web hosting service also gets us from point A to point B. If you want the website performs well despite the heavy traffic, you need a reliable hosting solution. Here are ten tips that can help you find the best hosting service:

Great customer service: Regardless of your current technical skills, you'll eventually need to communicate with support desk. Good support teams always picks up the phone and replies to emails very quickly. Data First has highly responsive support team that can be reached easily.

Impressive reliability: You should make sure that a hosting company guarantees very high up time percentage and this is something that you should consider when choosing a potential provider. Data First delivers higher than 99.9 percent uptime for all consumers.

Good control panel: Control panel is the heart of any hosting management for consumers. It has features required to run websites properly. You can prevent image hot linking, enhance password protection, prevent bandwidth leeching, block certain IP address and many more. Data First offers impressive and easy to us control panel for clients.

Large disk space: Consumers often can't get enough storage for their website. You need to show good quality images to ensure excellent visual quality. You may also need to store videos for your audience. Data First offers large quantity of disk space for affordable prices.

More than enough bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred to the audience on a monthly basis. Data First allows you to upgrade if require more storage.

Integrated email hosting: Good web hosting companies also include proper email hosting. Email is an essential part of online activity. Mail forwarding, POP3, SMTP and auto responder are features that you should get from web hosting companies. Data First also offers other advanced email management features, such as disk space quota configuration, adding/removing email accounts and others.

Affordable prices: It's really straightforward. With very affordable prices, consumers are able to get all the above features from datafirst.co.in

Choose a Quality Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

 Users who are reading this are fairly thoughtful when it comes to making right decisions about choosing hosting for their business. Making a well informed choice is imperative because transitioning from one dedicated server host to another is not an easy job. It may have serious implications, right from frustrated customers to decrease in traffic that could ultimately affect revenue at a larger extent. In today's competitive environment, there may not be second and third chance.

So here are 5 important considerations for making dedicated server hosting provider choice:

  •   Physical location of the host:  Location could be one of the important factors especially when your application is highly bandwidth dependent. While assessing the location of a colocation service, you need to consider in which country/state is the service physically located and how far is it from your company. As you have considerable control on server resources in dedicated environment, the question is how easy it would be for you to manage in terms of any routine upgrade, or service your equipment or any new installations.
  •  Services Flexibility and Expansion Capability:  How scalable are the services to your growing operations is something to be considered essentially! How customized the services bundling is with the host? How is the customized service model going to affect your CapEx and OpEx ? You may want to think about these questions and ensure that your service partner has the capability to cater to your growing business demands together with a competitive pricing.
  •  Reliable host with super reliable service:  In the world of data centers, the reliability is measured by uptime. Technically, a reliable provider should have five 9s uptime, meaning they are considered most reliable if they have 99.999% uptime. Though there could be many possibilities, one of the ways to ensure a trusted reliability is to check if any customer feedback is available.
  • Easy deployment of services: How fast you can push your services in the environment with long delay and disruptions in the services? How one can cross connect or add an additional rack space on demand? The demands in business are dynamic and might need scaling up anytime! The answer to these questions lies in the efficacy to deliver with high scalability and minimum disruption. Make sure you have clear timelines when it comes to pushing up the scalability and transition of your services' demand.
  • Network Ecosystem of the host: There are a lot of hosts in the market thereby not making it easy for anyone to choose easily. It is important to consider the seamless network connectivity capability of the host, which is, the backbone of colocation services and rest all would be meaningless without it. Invalidated network ecosystem is like a gun without assurance of bullets inside. To ensure a thorough check, you may want to ensure if the facility is carrier-neutral and if the Collocation service provider has a decent ecosystem of customers already interconnect with each other, it is a clear sign of trusted services.