(Human Resource Management System) HRMS Software

The software of Human Resource Management System incorporates and automates the tasks involved to manage human resources, such as manpower management, recruitment, payroll, pension benefits, event management, reminders, account settlements of an employee etc. The system provides easy, compact and comprehensive solution, which helps to monitor entire Human Resource process along with interactive reports for better MIS to prompt corrective measures.

The Human Resource Management system emphasizes on Personnel, Administration, Leave and Payroll Accounting, Pension benefits.

  • A Complete solution provider, an automated Human Resource Management System, to assist the management and members which facilitates an organisation to do routine HRM job, improve efficiency and avoid laxity
  • A system which will impart the requirements of the regular maintenance of the Company’s data that relates to an Employee such as his Name, Address, Qualification, Salary, Loan and Leaves taken etc.
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