NTPL tenders incorporated solutions to design, organize and measure data center Services.

http://www.neesatechnologies.com/images/data_center.gifAt NTPL our Data Center Service offers robust and scalable solutions to build, organize and measure the next generation data center so IT executives can convey the business services that end users need through a adaptable, computerized and low cost infrastructure. Only NTPL provides unique mixture of technology-agnostic, interoperable and user-friendly solutions that enable customers optimize the usage of their IT assets within a safe and compliant framework be it customers operating a server farm, building an internal cloud, or using an external cloud.

NTPL conveys an active Service Driven Data Center at low cost infrastructure via an amalgamation of modular yet incorporated solutions for enterprise Linux, virtualization and workload, and business service management. With the launch of business service management, and the capability to drive business vision down into the IT infrastructure, companies now have the ability to change their data center into something that is more service-driven and business-centric.

In the future, as the data center heads forward the four walls of the enterprise and the lines between them smudge legacy capacity, the internal cloud, and the external cloud, companies will require modern techniques to manage the movement of heterogeneous workloads securely and efficiently, while giving reliable service to the line of business. At NTPL, our Data Center Service is the first priority toward conveying on the focus of organizing that heterogeneous, multi-sourced capacity in a safe and acquiescent manner.

Components of the Service-Driven Data Center

With NTPL, our Data Center Service eliminates execution risk and supervises complexity by creating a safe, controlled, repeatable and cost effective data center service that delivers measurable results. Our Data Center Service is designed to manage a heterogeneous environment; it leverages brilliant management and mechanized tools to measure performance of an entire IT service against business goals.

About NTPL

NTPL implements specially designed, most interoperable and a most flexible portfolio of integrated Data Center Service thus supporting customers around the world minimize cost, difficulty and risk. With NTPL’s infrastructure software and ecosystem of partnerships, we collectively incorporate blended IT atmosphere facilitating clients and technology to work as one.

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